Child Therapy

Child therapy St Albans

Childhood we believe is supposed to be a time of fun, happiness, adventure and a time to be carefree however for many children that is not the case. Many children face the same experiences and challenges that we face as adults. However there is a difference, children do not have the emotional understanding or the experience that we as adults have. So when a situation occurs children do not have the tools or ability to be able to cope with it, which is where I come in.

I offer a free consultation for you to come and meet me with your child from there you are able to continue with the sessions that I offer. Each session is a 121 session and lasts for 1 hour. I am able to build up good rapport with the child they do tend to express themselves a little better when their parents are not around. This is because when the parents are in the room, they would let their parents do most of the talking and thinking!

The common problems children faces are: – Exam stress

– Phobias

– Low confidence

– Lack of self esteem – Bullying

– Bereavement

– Family break up


Recently I have seen a rising in those who struggle to deal with their emotions and mainly anger. We do not want eradicate these feelings as it is a natural emotion to feel however we can teach them and help them to deal with their emotions in a better, healthier way.