Confidence and self esteem

Do you ever feeling like you should have got that promotion or it should have been you to put that big idea across to your boss and not someone else? But you just didn’t have the confidence to say “Yes that was my idea”

Many people are faced with this situation in their every day lives, but lack to tools and processes to help them build their confidence.

Confidence is when the feeling or belief that one has faith in or can rely on someone or something. When you don’t have that is can make you into a different person. A lack of confidence can limit you and yourself belief limiting your abilities to grow as a person, professional and personally. When you do develop confidence it can make you into a healthier, happier version of yourself. Many professionals although very good at their jobs can lack confidence which limits them in their professional career.

Children just like adults can also struggle with confidence, this can restrict their personal growth and stop them from excelling at school, socially and also at home. It can affect children, just like adults in many ways for example, anxiety, anger and sadness.

During the sessions I first look at and teach my clients at rapport. To feel confident in a situation you must first feel comfortable in that situation. Confidence is a learnt behaviour and a sense of belief in yourself, success boosts that feeling but confidence originates within yourself.

If you would like to learn to be more confident you must be also willing to change your emotional state. For example if you are constantly doubting yourself then you won’t believe you can do it. However if you do believe you can do it you will feel more confident and also more then likely to achieve it.

Changing your emotional state can be easy if you know how too…

– Thinking about something that excites you or makes you happy

– Thinking about a positive memory from the immediate past can help change your emotional state.

– Thinking about those you care about

– Remind yourself of things you have overcome in the past remember how they have made you feel.