The Free one to one consultation is used to establish what you would like to achieve from further sessions, we agree on the techniques to use, and we begin to form our game plan for achieving your goals. Once we have a game plan in place we can book in your first session. 

One to one sessions would take place in my therapy room in Redbourn, just outside of St Albans. Or if you would like to opt for Skype sessions this can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, it can be very deep much like the state you experience just before you fall asleep at night time or lighter, such as when you travel on a familiar journey and slip into “auto pilot” such that you might have even forgotten elements of the journey once you reach your destination.

Some people will be able to experience a deep, eyes closed relaxing trance. Others will be more suited to an awakened trance in which the practitioner might use metaphors or stories with hidden suggestions for change and improvement that their unconscious will understand whilst their conscious mind is entertained by the story. Sometimes an awakened trance can be created whilst doing games, colouring or other activities.

Hypnotherapists are trained to notice the subtle shifts in your levels of awareness so that they can begin to implant suggestions for change or improvement as soon as they see that an awakened trance is achieved.

You will never be out of control, switch off or be in a coma type state. The conscious mind will always be there in the background so that if anything is said which is out of alignment, or if for instance the fire alarm went off, you would be fully aware of it and wake up. The only real side effect is that you may fall asleep! You will then wake up when you are ready to or can be gently woken by a familiar face.


Yes 🙂 I have received extensive training accredited by the GHSC (General hypnotherapy standards council) and the ANLP (Association of neuro-linguistic programming)

Diploma in Hypnosis – Trance forming minds

I also hold current membership of both professional bodies.

Not usually. We tend to find that children concentrate better and are more open and honest when their parent/guardian is out of the way. (Sorry!)

It depends on the individual, but the most common starting point is weekly sessions, after progress is seen this can be taken down to fortnightly sessions. 

And once the individual feels that they are able to implement these techniques independently. Sessions can be finished. If you do feel you need a refresher this can be arranged. 

  • Initial one to one consultation – Free of charge.
  • 1 Hour session (children and adults) – £90.00
  • 90 minute session – £130.00
  • Customised plans – POA