Group Workshops

Our group NLP workshops

At willow therapies we offer a range of different workshops, these include parenting, teachers and children workshops. The workshops will be advertised at different age ranges for example a confidence workshop for children aged 7-10. Our workshops cover many different areas, for example confidence, exam stress, and anxiety.

At times there may also be specific workshops for example an anti-bullying workshop taking place during National Anti-Bullying Week.

Workshops can work really well and can benefit many and not just learning from the material that is being taught but also gaining ideas and learning from one another is a major benefit of group workshops.

Group workshops usually consist of 5-8 children or adults and they are usually held in the studio downstairs from my office in Redbourn, Hertfordshire. Workshops can be held at any time, for children usually in after school, weekends and also school, holidays. Parent and teachers workshops can also be held any time evening, during the day and weekends.