New Website! And using your time on lockdown wisely!

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Making use of the downtime!

Like most people during this lockdown, I find myself with quite a lot of spare time on my hands. With Schools currently closed, and the office out of bounds, I’ve been carrying on my NLP and hypnotherapy sessions via Skype, which has been really successful so far and safer for everyone than leaving home at the moment.

However, In between sessions I’ve been putting this extra time to good use, it’s always good to learn a new skill whenever possible. My willow therapies website needed a big overhaul to bring it up to date and really showcase the types of treatment I can offer. With a lot of googling and some help from friends I’ve done it! 

I’ve been encouraging all my clients to make use of the spare time they have at the moment and better themselves with a new skill. Whether that is a fitness kick, reading that “how to” book you’ve been getting around to, or building your new website, use this situation as an opportunity!

Anyway, please check out my new website and let me know what you think!