School Placements

NLP for schools

I work with various schools within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and the greater London area, conducting a NLP for schools placement program. The programme consists of 9 different topics covered by group workshops, some of these topics include; exam stress, bullying, communication, and anxiety.

The school placement program is available in 10 week blocks to coincide with the length of 1 full term. During the term I would attend school one day per week and become a part of your schools team (a half day option is available). Typically my time at school would be split between delivering workshops and one to one sessions with children nominated by the school, and the school can utilise me however they see fit to maximise the benefit brought to the children within the school. During this time i can also work with teachers and parents. 

Every child has the ability to learn and grow and NLP4Kids supports schools in helping children achieve their full potential. Those who are successful in the world will often attribute their success to their attitude just as much as having access to the right information.Using techniques developed from Neuro Linguistic Programming, an effective model for creating changes in motivation levels and emotional states, NLP4Kids teaches children and students various tools to help them communicate confidently, improve their memory skills and get into a positive resourceful state at will. These tools last long after the workshop has ended and our colour work books provide a useful reminder of the skills they have learned throughout the session.NLP can be useful in education in a number of different ways such as:Modelling excellence State management Understanding others perspective Communication and rapport building Positivity and attitude. We believe that these skills can benefit not just pupils but the teaching staff too.

The minimum length for a workshop in school is 1 hour. The maximum length can be up to the length of a school day if we are offering a very specific targeting training day.

Workshops can be held for up to 16 pupils. But for some topics, it is more beneficial to limit the workshop to 10 students. 

The minimum age for workshops is 7 years and above. and i target the workshops to specific age brackets to avoid having a big age gap between children who will have varied levels of understanding. I do work with younger children but this is on a one to one basis rather than workshops. There is no upper age limit for NLP. 

Yes, i am currently working with a number of schools who have chosen a year long school placement of 1 day per week. This has had very positive results on the students, their behaviour and how they communicate with their teachers and each other. 

One off workshops are available, and can be targeted at a specific subject, for example, exam stress. 

I can attend school and deliver a large workshop focused on readying the children for upcoming exams. 

Or if there is a specific situation happening within the school, i can target that. In the past i have carried out anti bullying workshops to specific school years that may be having trouble in that area. 

To find out more about school workshops and the placement program, contact me on 07497206133 or and i can arrange a suitable time to come to the school meet you and discuss what i can offer and show previous results.