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Mind coaching for sports

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard!

I believe that talent is something that can develop when we form good habits and refine the process around sporting performance. Training and technical skills aren’t enough to form a career in todays professional sports market. Athletes from all sports need to work harder than ever if they are to earn a living from their sports, this creates a level of pressure that only the most resilient of mind sets can achieve.

I work with athletes at all levels across all sports to help develop their state of mind during training and competition. In your sport have you ever noticed inconsistencies in your performance? some days you wake up and everything goes right, you just have that flow on the day? Yet other times you wake up and that flow hasn’t woke up with you? There are times where you will be at a loss to understand why this happens some days and not others. 

I work with athletes to create a process that gets the athlete into this state of flow required to achieve peak performance. Thats step one, now that we have a process and understand how to get get our athlete into the “zone” we need to make their mindset unshakable. On game day things outside our control are going to happen, equipment could fail, our opponent might throw some shade our direction, reporters might have published where the holes in your game are, these are stimuli that are totally outside of our control. What we can control is how we react to these stimuli, we can control our emotions, and stay focussed on the task at hand.

Mind coaches come into play to assist the athlete in developing a growth mindset and teach the mental skills required to manage high intensity competition and deliver world class performances on demand. I teach athletes how to analyse their strategies, create internal motivation and a process driven mindset to take responsibility for their rate of personal development.